noun - Emotion or reaction to something lacking in humor. Generally acceptable use would be following a story or supposedly humorous comment after which the listener would fashion a straight, non-smiling face usually, but not exclusively, utilizing the forearm to create the straight face. Instances lacking in any humor whatsoever may be exaggerated with an extended lapiz during which the listener may use any straight object in proximity to form the lips. Should the unhumorous comment be in print, reader may respond with emoticon :|, often crushing the spirit of the offending party.

A lapiz may be vetoed on occasion, but a quick and simple rebuttal must be provided. Nerves have been shattered when gratuitous lapices are manifested. There are only a handful of individuals who truly understand how to properly give and take a lapiz.

The most notorious lapiz ever fashioned ocurred in Rosemont, Pennsylvania August 2003 following a late-night binge at a local public house. At approximately 2am, in a not uncommon reaction to one of Jay's anecdotes, Geoff proceeded to form the longest lapiz on record by placing his face on or near one rail of a Septa commuter train line. Trust me, you had to be there. Don't even try to bust out a lapiz on me right now, you totally had to be there.

Origin - 10% Spain, 20% California, 20% Pennsylvania, 50% Colorado. Originally called "pencil-lips" it quickly evolved into the Cuba-inspired "lapiz-lips" eventually truncated to "lapiz."

Plural - lapices. To be honest, this posting was the first time in history lapiz had to be described in plural form, so it is doubtful that anyone will ever need this information.

Proper times to use lapiz:
Most female comedians..... :|
Opie and Anthony..... :|
Jay Leno..... :|
Recent Adam Sandler and/or Jim Carrey movies..... :|
SNL 1997-2005..... :|
Episodes of "The Simpsons" where Lisa is the main character and she gets all up on her soapbox and starts bitching about slurry or the price of saxamaphone reeds..... :|
All other emoticons..... :|
by Senor Lapiz October 18, 2007
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is an very famous dominican rapper that is from los minas dominican republic. and sings rap and hip hop since the way they call their music is HIP HOP DOMINICANO by the way he says a word that every body know's TU LO ABE.
3ni blaze: loco el hip hop dominicano ta alante alante

lapiz conciente: tu lo abe manito el genero ta subiendo
by alex diaz October 22, 2007
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Is another way to pronounce lapis lazuli.
It's something made up in Minecraft from a person which couldn't pronounce the word the right way..
Kev: Hey can you look for some La.. Lapiz... Lapiz laflumli I need it really bad, no cap
Gonzo: No problem! I gotta need them for some potions later aswell!
by Titantoss October 09, 2021
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The name of something secretive, like a plan or something that you're not supposed to be doing
person 1: purple lapiz
person 2: *hands over the drugs*
by Mikokona September 27, 2019
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