In a word, it's eating pussy, by a male or female partner. Seeing as how most chicks these days trim the hedge, it's much more likely to be nappy than bushy downtown. Hence, you lap (lick) the nap.
Guy #1: She give it up to the brothas?

Guy #2: Nah, she only lap the nap.
by mistahtwist March 10, 2011
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When a girl performs such great oral sex on a guy, that it relaxes the guy so much he takes a nap, while her head is still in his lap.
That girl gave me a lap dance at the bar. Then I took her home and she gave me a lap nap.
by mryan007 October 20, 2011
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A power nap taken on a plane, bus or train where you use your knees as pillows.
Tori was so tired on the flight to New Orleans that she took a lap nap.
by bob beeflips September 28, 2010
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