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Used to describe classically shaped and sized women's breasts, that are neither too large nor too small, commonly quantified as 34C. When a classic, conical-shaped martini glass is placed over each, they fit perfectly inside, with no air space underneath, and no excess breast sticking out.
Dude, that bitch's tits are PER-fect!

Word! Martini glasses, them is!
by mistahtwist March 10, 2011
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The anal tract, the close cousin of the "hershey highway." The reference, of course, being the possible presence of poop in said passageway. Sexually speaking, going down that pudding parkway means taking your partner up the ass.
Dude, you get brown wit dat bitch?

Strait up, niggah! Took a ride down dat pudding parkway, baby!
by mistahtwist March 10, 2011
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In a word, it's eating pussy, by a male or female partner. Seeing as how most chicks these days trim the hedge, it's much more likely to be nappy than bushy downtown. Hence, you lap (lick) the nap.
Guy #1: She give it up to the brothas?

Guy #2: Nah, she only lap the nap.
by mistahtwist March 10, 2011
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