A female that looks good from a far but not up close.
I saw this girl on the other side of the street. She was a 10/10. But she got closer and was a 6/10. She was a massive land hoe.
by Mynameissev October 26, 2018
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Secret name for the best person ever. landhoe is an amazing friend and songwriter. Landhoe will always be at the top and can jam to 90’s and early 00’s bops. He may have liked cats bottoms but that’s in the past and we’ve moved past it. Science teachers love him. He’s had his ups and his downs with his brows but they now look poppin. He tried having a rap career as “lil clementine” but now he’s in a band that has gone platinum twice with their hit song, “fire escape”. If you ever have a landhoe in your life, keep him cause he’s a blessing in a bottle.
Angus: “omg, is that landhoe over there?”
Lil superstar: “yeah, let’s go ask for his autograph.”
by Lilloopy August 05, 2019
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