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The most adorable of sea creatures that has evolved to live on land in order to attend law school. The land squid will be your best friend, but does NOT apprecitate haters. The land squid spends most of its time doing homework and studying in her little squid cave. The little land squid becomes most pleased when it has a piece of candy, a rare steak, or noonies.
Land squids are gentle loving creatures : )
by Squid Pro Quo March 25, 2010
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A land squid is a common phenomenon found often in urban areas. These solitary creatures, much like worms, only appear outside occasionally. Usually after teenage fornication, condom ballooning, tea bagging’s and other such sexual ambiguous events. They usually look sad and crushed. The land squid can be found on concrete side walks, but is more commonly found in vaguely secluded shrubbery where by a one minute tim just finished and discarded a condom. They have no breeding habits and their diets are rather vulgar. The land squid has no natural predators except for adolescent male humans who place them on a stick in order to chase undesirable siblings away, or conversely to court a female. Many land squids can be observed just off the path in Lord Stanley National Park: Vancouver, Canada.
"It seems that the shrubbery outside the trailer park has an infestation of land squids, must be those smith kids again."
by ApollyonZero January 25, 2007
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A used condom or used condoms tossed on the floor out of sheer laziness due to the toilet or even the nearest trashcan being too far away.
Tyler's room was strewn with land squid after his sex marathon with Marla.
by Sex Defender January 24, 2010
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A landsquid is another word for a squid on the land that is flopping around.

or is a draeni in the MMORPG World Of Warcraft
Holy shit did you see that landsquid on the beach yesterday?

I just facepwnt a landsquid!!1
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