Those who arn't pirates and live on the land. Arghh!
Avast, ye land lubbers! We come to pillage your town, drink your rum, and chase your women!
by The Don November 13, 2004
pirate talk for non-seafaring people
popular in movies
"Aargh, ye land lubbers no nerthin' 'bout the ways of de sea!"
by orangehatter November 12, 2004
Pirate-slang for land-lovers, i.e. regular people who live on land.
Arg! Those land-lubbers wouldn't know a galley from a frigate! Arg!
by Morelen November 13, 2004
phoenetic version of "land lovers" in pirate-talk.
often used as an insult, likened to "cowards" who are afraid of life on the high seas.
ninjas are obviously cooler than pirates, however.
"YARGH! AVAST! Lilly livered land lubbers!!"
*ninja death stars them*
by egon November 12, 2004
(n.) One who lives on the land and is bad at sailing or has never been on a boat.
If you don't live near water, you are probably a land lubber.
by Technochocolate March 3, 2005
A derogatory term for someone who lives on land, as opposed to on the water or ship. Often considered extremely offensive.
Argh! Ye scurvy dog! I reckon you to be a land lubber argh!
by wordier July 3, 2015