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Lol at my life.
Like FML, but when your life is so ridiculously crap you just can't help but laugh at it.
My boyfriend likes JLS, laml.

I got and F in chemistry, and I wanna be a doctor, laml.

A geeky guy asked me what my favourite animal was. I replied, "I like turtles." laml.

I thought I had a tampon lost in me, so I went to the hospital and got checked out, and there was nothing there. laml.
by Roobedoo August 08, 2011
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Dale- "My mom has more Facebook friends than me...LAML"

Britt-nay- "My dad watched all of No Strings Attached with me...LAML "

Eugene- " My mom walked in on me dancing to Backstreet boys...Laml."
by Willywizzy July 14, 2011
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