Someone who plays star wars galaxies as a jedi knight and exploits the system to further gain ranks.
You are a LAME frs farmer
by NED March 21, 2005
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noun - one who is lame to a certain extent, where they are considered a lamer
"You are a Lamer."
by matt January 11, 2003
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1. Someone who asks to ally after team is annhilated.
2. Someone who is completely raped yet claims it wasn't fair.
Lamer--"Please ally my teammates sucked."
"Three on one isn't fair!"
Gosu--"Dude shut up you suck lamer."
by Gosu October 09, 2003
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Someone who claims to be a gamer but really doesn't know what being a real gamer entails. They watch t.v. and movies still and do things like turn the sound off so they can listen to crapy music instead. They don't play fighting games etc. where you actually have to use effort to win instead they only play rpgs when you basicly just level up a lot and can't lose and they just pick the name of an action and it does it for you then a number pops up in the air. They also accept a loss without complaining when it's they didn't lose because they just suck. Also someone who doesn't play video games and/or makes negative coments about them.
That guy's a total lamer. He got a ps2 for christmas and he's over there watching "Walker: Texas Ranger".
by David H. August 04, 2006
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1.A portmanteau of lame, gamer, and layman used to describe a foolhardy technopeasant who talks too much.
2. Someone who prefers not to know how things work and is therefore limited to default settings and off-the-shelf functionality. An object of contempt/scorn/pity for unenlightened leetfolk.
3. The target of flamers.
That lamer has no idea what he's talking about.
by tronglodyte May 24, 2011
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Someone who is even more lame than another usually used to compare two people as person 2 is lamer than person 1.
Tyler is lamer than Christian”

“Your lame, well your lamer.”
by Christianthegreat March 18, 2019
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