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A person(almost always girl) not up for sexual experimentation. Will not challenge the boundaries of traditional sexuality by engaging in harmless acts of good fun such as making out with their best friend at slammin' shindigs upon request of male counterparts.
Lisa's being such a lameosexual; the guys all wanted to see her go down on Jenny but, alas, she wasn't having any of it.
by Flavorbones August 23, 2009
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Lamer than lame, an ultimate low. Unworthy of life
Susie's hoop earrings and crimped hair made her look like a lame-o-sexual 80's reject.
by Lisa January 18, 2005
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Stupid...passe. Obnoxious...EXTREMELY lame, tacky, pathetic etc.

The homework assignment was so lameosexual I threw up a little in my mouth
by George February 28, 2005
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