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To cancel one's planned participation in a group or social activity, but without providing a good excuse (might give a lame excuse instead).
Mike decided to lame-out on us again last Saturday. He's on his own next weekend.
by otra October 07, 2006
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To leave, exit, opt out of or abandon an event, group or activity in a way that disappoints the other members.
At a party:
Jimbo: It's getting late. I gotta go home. You're on your own.
Heinz: You're laming out on me again?
Jimbo: I'm tired.
Heinz: Okay.. but next time we go to a party, don't lame out on me.

In a car:
Jimbo: Where's Heinz? I thought we were all going to Vegas tonight.
Steve: He lamed out.
by Kendalm December 13, 2007
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A term used to describe people knowingly hanging out and doing uncool things such as Magic the Gathering or other lame things.
Ryan Dunning: "Hey I just finished hanging out with my girlfriend, want to lame out?"
by Jmozzz July 03, 2009
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