a 130 mile long lake in the middle of the desert in Utah and is hot as hell. Absolutely the most spectacular canyons and boating. best place to party since the lake is big and the police force is so small.

Has beautiful beaches, amazing scenery, eighty 80 degree water, extremely hot, in the middle of nowhere, full of people who think they can boat but can't.
Hey bud, want to go to lake powell?

For SHO?!!!?? Where the hell is it?

In the middle of the desert!

Uhh, ok....
by ryfly May 2, 2008
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This has all the grizzly features of trench foot, or jungle rot, that WWI vets suffered from prolonged exposure to unsanitary conditions and constant wet/dry feet. Lake Powell Foot is the result of brutal exposure to mid-summer Utah sunshine, zero humidity, barefoot 10 mile slot canyon death marches, and days of drunken horse shoes on the hot Lake Powell sand.

Not necessarily a bad thing to have, considering your surroundings.
Justin has some serious Lake Powell Foot after that 8 mile hike to Window Arch. It's all dry and cracked like an over cooked baked potato.

We may have to amputate.

by The Lucas J May 6, 2008
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it’s basically where all the mormons go in utah for spring break, fall break, etc. they take some cute pics sometimes if they are cool and post some cringe instagram posts with cringe captions. OCCASIONALLY some unmormon people go there. but it’s kinda rare. the place looks kinda cool but it’s for the mormons
“where are you going for spring break”

mormon kid “Lake Powell!!!!!!!” *the exclamation marks play a key rule in this bc that’s how they talk and how they are social media*

“oh ofc, i was gonna go there once... but”

“Why didn’t you go ????? It is so fun and cool!!!!!!!”

“it’s for the mormons

*oHHHH my gaWwd how dAAre they say that about my relIIIgion!!!!!!!😡😡😡”
by a really cool girl December 3, 2018
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