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Laisha is a name for a very sweet girl athletic and loving. Fall in love esaly loses feelings fast but never forgets you.Laisha is very sensitive but she will do crazy stuff if you offende her.
Yooooo are you datin laisha

Yeah why

No us because she us awesome
by bumbbaclott May 04, 2014
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Laisha is a name for a very beautiful girl. She is loyal and can be jealous but she will love you no matter what. She will catch feelings very fast and lose them quick too, if you play her or cheat watch out because you will get revenge. She hates fake people that will stab you in the back but after all she is a beautiful sweet loving person if you treat her right
Are you dating laisha Is she laisha because she is beautiful
by zedlavannavoigaicrag April 14, 2018
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Laisha is a girl that looses feelings instantly. She does whatever she wants whenever she wants to. Laisha is a bad bitch
Yo u know laisha?

Yeah man she's a badass
by Pizza ddd March 09, 2016
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Laisha is a name for some on u will like someone for a long time but will lose feeling fast and might cheat on u , but they are very pretty and caring, but they sometimes will play u, and she will send u things that show her love for u but she SOMETIMES won't mean it
Laisha is so cute but she likes another guy
by Dylan8999779uu9 March 05, 2017
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