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Similar to "douche bag" with a more insulting feminine aspect.
Look at that orange skinned ladouche trying to hit on that skant over there.

Get out of the way ladouche!
by bobbyboyrulez February 28, 2008
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french word for shower....but also an excuse to say 'douche' in front of your mom.
kid- she's such la douche...
mom- what'd you say??
kid- shower...*shifty eyes*
by coolchick May 27, 2005
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French for "the shower".
OΓΉ es la douche?
(where is the shower?)
by Anaba May 28, 2005
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1) An eloquent way of calling a guy a dick head
2) A lying, cheating bastard, usually hailing from New Jersey
3) A guy who drives around in a car mommy and daddy bought, with a "Bella" license plate
I still can't believe the shit he pulled, he's a La Douche...

He is beyond Dick Rude, he's what we call a La Douche...
by Turnhead May 27, 2010
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A Douche from Los Angeles. Works in the film industry and usually drives a convertible and wears a bluetooth. On the east coast the LA douche is perceived as a person who thinks they are better than everyone else. They are usually not given any attention.
*Tom Cruise is an LA Douche.

*Mark Wahlberg, originally from the east coast has now become an LA Douche.

*A person who goes to school in LA and returns home to the East Coast is now an LA Douche and must be exiled.
by Bronze Bro June 01, 2012
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one who engages in douchey behavior as a form of cheap thrills
"Did you see that guy piss on that car?" "Yeah, what a La Douche."
by Mustache McNasty December 23, 2009
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