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The most outgoing and social butterfly in existence. She is beautiful with amazing taste in music. She's got crazy dance skills and has the heart of gold. She works her heart out and will never let you down. She loves everyone and everything. Very intelligent and very sexy. She has this vibe to her that everyone turns their head to look as soon as she walks into a room. You'll never not notice.

Always a good time and always laughing. She will definitely make a print in your life if you ever have the chance to meet her.
Guy: Hey you know that girl? She's got mad skills!

Guy2: Yo! Her names Ladda! She's crazy hot! And she's crazy sweet!

Guy: Yo, she single?

Guy2: Who knows.. She's always got a group with her. I wouldn't be surprised if she's hooked up already.

Guy: Daaayam!
by V-Starr June 12, 2018
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