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a practice session usually for games like madden or dancing
i was labbin yesterday to get my poppin skills up
by Mr.Mega January 11, 2008
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Labbin is Nottingham slang for 'lying' or 'You must be kidding'.

Labber= liar
Labbin!= Lying
Don't lab!= Quit kidding me.
P1= I have NEVER got a detention.
P2= Labbin! You lab, you labber.
by Adam is a girl November 18, 2004
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It means to have a studio session (to be in the lab)
Girl (on the phone): hey baby boy, where are you now ?
Boy: 'Sup shorty I been Labbin' all day working on a new mixtape.
by hkdaboss May 23, 2014
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