A guy who has a lot of friends and calls himself crazy. A kymani is sometimes annoying but has to have a girlfriend. He is also a very cool guy.
by snake132 January 10, 2013
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Kymani is a beautiful girl who a lot of boys wished they had. Kymani is really sensitive. If you break her heart her friends will have her back. She is a daddy’s girl and is really smart in school.
I love my daughter Kymani.
by Furrealdo September 16, 2018
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A Kymani is a beautiful,smart, and talented lady who is very lovable. She has 2 personality’s, Sweet and Kind but don’t get on her bad side. She will be an amazing friend and have an amazing family.
Damn I wish Kymani was my fucking friend!
by DC young fly September 21, 2018
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