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an amazing friend, who will always be there for you.
but shes a bit of a slag, haha (:

crackers. amazing singer and dancer and actor -_- what an asshole.
'shit, i feel awful, wheres my kwist?'

'woahhh that girls a well good kwist'

'omg what a fuckin kwist'
by smin February 05, 2008
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A young 14 year old rapper/dancer he dougies, jerks and allmost all other dances of that sort. Related to Twiqqy F. Recless and both are apart of TEAM PMP ( Pretty Much Paid ). He is an up comming twitter fein. He goes by the name of Kwizzy Kwist or Kwizzy F B on FaceBook. His aim is Kiihsnastii. He is Julian of the Rangers Stepp cousin. He live some where out in the hills of Westbury LongIsland, Ny.
Did you see Kwist On BET last night?
by randombitchtalking October 24, 2010
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