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a long-standing object, thought or occurrence which is newly introduced to the person in a series of numerous repeated coincidences during a short time period.
Let's say you've never heard or seen the word "ubiquitous" before in your life and have no idea what it means. Well, one day you read the word in a book and are dumbfounded that such a word exists. You then seek out it's definition and figure out it is rarely used in common language since you would have been familiar with it and since you dicovered it in an old forgotten book. You then turn on the telivision the same day and see a talk show host use it casually in his monologue. You find this amusing and are somewhat shaken by the coincidence. Yet, it doesn't end here. You decide to invite your friend over later that evening and he uses the word in his conversation with you. Confused and now a little freaked out, you ask where he heard such a word and why he is using it now. This word you thought was non-existant a moment ago, is now everywhere in the course of a single day. This, ladies and gentleman, is an instance where you are experiencing a kwerk.
by Dr. Michel N. Fontaine June 11, 2007
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