Kurapika Kurta is daddy :D
by N0T.ME December 21, 2020
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A swag writer on tumblr, she likes kurapika and feitan a lot
Killua kinnie
Have you read aly-kurta's headcanons of (insert hxh character) ??

yeah, they're pretty neat!
by F33itan April 29, 2021
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Someone who is dismissive of the common courtesies of etiquette and manners, particularly while eating curry.
"I cant believe what Abhajit said earlier at dinner"
"I know right, he's a complete curry kurta"
by mustardmeehan April 30, 2015
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a reference to an nearly extinct clan in the anime hunter x hunter (hxh) that were tortured then had their eyes ripped out then were killed. only one (possibly two but thats a theory) survived
the kurta clan is fucking dead
by lenimdenim November 07, 2020
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Kurta Clan 2.0 is a religion formed by Kurapika lovers of all kinds. With Kurta Clan 2.0, Kurapika Kinnies and Simps all collectively pray to Kurapika. The name originates from how Kurapika’s old clan was killed by the ph*ntom tr*upe. That is why Kurtaism is the 2nd Kurta Clan. The Kurta people greet/bless each other with the phrase “Akaku 🛐” to give others in the clan good luck. Simping/Kinning of any kind towards the ph*ntom tr*upe is strictly forbidden. Kurapika accepts all no matter what unless you are somehow linked to the ph*ntom tr*upe
I am a member of the Kurta Clan 2.0, Akaku 🛐”
by Anna Kurta November 01, 2020
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