v. To spaz, wild, or lunch out.
Im going to kurk out if if i don't get my raise this week.
by SoufEast Moe. November 24, 2003
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To get crazy
I am about to kurk out if I dont get my money from that ho!
by Shizz October 17, 2003
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to lose control of ones emotions and focus them violently outwards
Damn man, look out! that guy is kurking out and is lible to cut you!
by Anonymous March 24, 2003
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Pronounced:(k-i-r-k-e-d) When one lashes out, suddenly explodes, or bellows extremely loud to another person out of anger. More or less out of the blue and least expected to the other person.
Jessie's crazy ass just kurked out on Tonya for no damn reason!
by Caren H February 8, 2006
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