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Kristanna is a rare but amazing name. Kristanna is gorgeous caring and amazing I can go on for ever and ever about kristanna. She's absolutely everything anyone would ask for. Kristanna your amazing be yourself because it just lights up the room and makes everyone smile
by 💖🍍 June 29, 2017
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Kristanna’s are the most fucken sexy girls to walk this earth. She has a sexy round booty and small waist just like a model, they have the most gorgeous personality and aren’t afraid to say what they think. Kristanna’s are very adventurous and love proving people wrong, they are classy, sexy and smart all in one ( that’s really rare ). All the girls want to be her and want to be friends with her and it’s no secret that she has guys lining up for her all the way to the edge of the world. She is not a desperate and fake skank and loves standing out. If your a Kristanna, fucken bless your beautiful soul and your sexy body. Btw anyone who messes with a Kristanna, you should probably start running.
Person 1: ooft bro you see that chick across the road?
Person 2: yeh bro the sexy af one?
Person 1: yeh brudda she definitely a Kristanna!
by The hot cuntas June 01, 2018
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