short for the lovely ladies of Kappa Phi Lambd. Sisters of an Asian Interest sorority that was founded at Binghamton University in 1995 and is the fastest growing Asian Interest sorority on the east coast.
The ladies of KPL throw one hot ass party!
by otherwise known as January 9, 2006
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Killer Penis Length, an acronym use to describe an impressive/desirable size of male genitalia
"Sasha, I heard you had to go through the men's locker room."
"Yeah but at least I got a nice glimpse of Samson with his towel down. Girl, let me tell you. He's got serious KPL."
by Corodo August 12, 2018
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Supporters club for Glasgow Rangers fans.
The KPL massive invite all Rangers fans to the anual meeting on 'date'.
by Grahame Roberts May 9, 2003
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