A purposeful misspelling of the phrase "copy me". Kopimists believe that all media: movies, music, books, television shows, or other data should be legally allowed to be shared with everyone; they do not believe in copyright laws. The phrase is popular on certain torrent tracking sites suck as thepiratebay.org
Uploader's comments: Support piracy; kopimi and seed!
by Packles October 17, 2009
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Is a person who studies or is of the religion called Kopimism and in which is none Deity centered. Simplistic and yet has baffled many people around the world who cannot understand it.

A Basic overview.

The entire universe and even our own bodies which cells split and copy each other are made of copies and while selfishness is primitive and in all of us born out of selfish desire and old times when self preservation was difficult and the want to obtain shiny things. It is because of this that it is in our nature that we have an insatiable need to share with each other.

There for it is ethically right and sacred to do what the universe and what the earth around us and our own bodies do and copy and copy mix things. The core beliefs is that the internet is holy, All knowledge to all, The search for knowledge is sacred, Code is Law, and that Piracy laws are flawed and wrong because it prohibits us from doing what is not only ethically right but what is the reason why we are here on this world. Whether or not it is from a deity is unimportant really. What matters is we do our duty and Copy, Copy mix, Search for knowledge and made the information of the universe grow even more as we grow with it.
A Kopimi is something who studies the religion Kopimism.

I am a Kopimi
Kopimi is said as "copy-me"
by Angus Mcfife February 4, 2013
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