noun, a regional slang term used in the lower Midwest of the USA, for a corrupt police officer. Origin: A police corruption scandal in the 1970s, taken from the last name of one of the convicted officers, Carl E. Koonce.

Pronounced koon-see
I thought they'd charge me with drunk driving, but that koonce cop just took $50.
by hotfudge July 2, 2006
To screw it up so badly, so often, that you have to completely abort mission, and you’re known among your peers for doing so.
“Just screwed over the whole project
“Total Koonce Move bruh
by ExudingBDE October 26, 2018
A motherfucking badass who’s black and is best friends with your mom. He’ll kill everyone in sight
Carter: Let me see your phone
John: give it back or ima go Kaptain Koonce on your ass bitch!
by Ujama February 23, 2018
Don't be a Koonce
by Paul Brian September 19, 2017