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1. Ignorant fools who just can't accept the fact that Kobe is just better than most of your favourite bball players.
2. Those idiots who finally had the chance to diss Kobe after the sex-assualt case, which, didn't prove he did it.
3. Sad group of jealous morons who specially pick out Kobe's mistakes in order to put him down. Let me tell you this, anyone would as bad as Kobe if you do so on anyone.
4. Idiots who always bring up the same lame arguements about Kobe. eg. Ball hog. As the matter of fact, the Lakers are still winning games, still going to the playoffs, and Kobe is still better than you.
Hater: Kobe's 81 is INsignificant.
Person: lol... what is then? you Kobe hater.
by Sportsmenship April 14, 2006
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Kobe Hater is a term used by fanatic Kobe Bryant fans who can't accept that he isn't the greatest NBA player of all time. No matter what statistics or facts you bring up to them, it doesn't matter.

They are likely to point to the amount of championship rings or his 81 points in one game as proof to why he is the greatest thing since slice bread.

Statistics such as Shaq winning the first three finals MVP's during Kobe's first three titles, the fact that Kobe has shot under 40.5% in 5 out of his seven NBA finals, or the fact that when Kobe was injured during their first three-peat, the Lakers' regular season record was 25-7 (78 percent) which is a better record than when Kobe was playing don't matter to these fanatic fans.

Most recently people will call you a Kobe hater if you dare to bring up Kobe shooting under 30% in the 4th quarter of the 2010 NBA finals, Kobe shooting went 6-24 (25%) from the field in game seven of the 2010 finals, or that in the Lakers 4 wins in the 2010 finals Kobe shot 25/94 (under 27%). is notorious for being run by so called Kobe Haters, even though their articles are full of very detailed statistical analysis.
Kobe Fan: Kobe Bryant is the best player in the NBA

Kobe Hater: I think LeBron James is better

Kobe Fan: You're crazy! LeBron has no rings, your a Kobe hater!
by #1KobeHater July 25, 2010
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