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To engage in a cuddling position that is similar in design to spooning, with both partners maintaining chest-on-back contact while facing the same direction and laying on their sides, but with the distinguishing characteristic that the smaller partner is positioned on the back of the larger partner with the smaller partner's arms wrapped somewhere around the larger partner's body. The position resembles a smaller koala holding onto the back of another koala, thus the origin of the word.

There is nothing inherently sexual about engaging in the position, but like all cuddling, it can very easily lead to sexual encounters especially given the ease of access the smaller partner has to the larger partner's goods. Very often however, this style of cuddling satisfyingly follows such encounters.
We were cuddling in bed after some ravaging sex, but my back was getting cold so I rolled over and she started koalaing me.
by the lady men's February 09, 2012
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The act of wrapping your legs around someone like a koala would hug a tree. Especially while cuddling.
Koalaing can be a cute, awesome and epic move worth trying.
by Fisherman25 April 02, 2010
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Hugging someone, and in the process, wrapping your legs around them like a koala hanging from a tree.
"Did you see us last night? We were demonstrating the ultimate form of camaraderie and affection. That's right, we were Koalaing!"
by TheKoala September 02, 2011
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The act of hugging/attaching ones self to another in an attempt to cuddle. This act often involves the use of your arms and legs and inhibits the other from being able to move.
All I wanted to do was cuddle but my girlfriend was not in the mood, so I just started koalaing her.
by Nikolai579 February 22, 2014
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To sneak up on someone and jump on their back in a koala like fashion. NOTE - before doing it to another guy make sure both of you are mutually hetero.
*friend walking*

Me: on this episode of you just got koalaed im going to sneak up that rare specimen right there

Friend: *guard lowered* *whistling*

me: *pounce on his back and completely subduing him*
Successful koalaing
by presleyj-awesome December 18, 2011
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When you non-stop cuddle under blankets with someone you like. Men are the eucalyptustrees & women are koalas wrapping their hands over men. "Every koalas dream is to own its own eucalyptus tree."
1#: Where do you think these 2 lovebirds have been for so long?
2#:I bet they are still koalaing.
by snTomato December 24, 2012
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