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an evolution of the knuckle sandwich, used in an situation of agression and conflict. To give someone a knuckle supper is to repeatedly hit someone in the face whereas the knuckle sandwich is to hit only once. Used by Richard Ayoade in Garth Meringhi's Dark Place playing the character Dean Leaner
Dean learner - "pipe down or you'll get a knuckle supper"
by anthony marriage May 26, 2007
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A term and title of a book by author Drew Stepek, Knuckle Supper is the act (performed by a heroin addicted vampire gang in the book called The Knucklers) of shooting heroin into the arm of a victim, ripping the arm off and then sucking the drug-infused blood down through the victim's knuckle.
From the novel Knuckle Supper:

"Laughing, Dez sunk the needle into the pimp’s wrist. As quickly as I noticed all the heroin was in his blood, I cranked the elbow quickly to the left and then to the right. After knowing it was loose by feeling the already-brittle bone give, I commanded, 'Pull the plug!' Without hesitation Dez pulled the spike from the wrist and I unlocked the forearm from the pimp’s body and held it vertically. I quickly flipped it over and snapped off the fuck-finger directly at the knuckle. Then, I sucked it dry. "
by godless1 January 31, 2010
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