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The art of poking an erect penis into someones eye for a laugh and then shouting about it.
While enjoying a bit of foreplay, he thought it would be funny to knob eye his girlfriend.
by weaseltowers November 27, 2007
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A phrase usually used in the North of England to describe a man who is not particularly intelligent, who may frequently use retarded comments, and who may be considered arrogant and cocky by those in close proximity.

Does not require the recipient to actually have knobs for eyes, but can be used in the same sense as the term "knobhead", or "dickhead".

Can also be used as a term of affection between close friends.
Example 1:
Dave: "I think that drunk bitch is hot".
Kim: "Dave, stop being such a knob eyes".

Example 2:
"What are you looking at knob eyes?"

Example 3:
"Come on knob eyes, lets play pool".
by jonesybob November 01, 2009
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An insulting term, mainly used by the Duffy of Uttoxeter, Staffs to express anger or distress.

See also CockEye
Fucking Hell, what you drank all the jack daniels for? you fucking knobeye!

That Sarah Mellor is a fucking knob eye, i really do wanna stab her.

Alex Reid is such a knob eye.
by Duffy69 May 17, 2007
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its what you call somebody with a knob for eyes, or looks at knobs a lot (knob meaning willy, not door handle)
or if someone is generally acting a twat
lizzie- what does high voltage taste like?

fenn- Shut up knobeyes

lizzie- what does knobeyes mean?

fenn- check urban dictionary now you assqueef...
by wetouchpenguins May 29, 2011
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