a random item, usually small, that people don't need
My aunt gave me this useless knickknack for my birthday. I think I'm going to sell it.
by Elvin the Elf June 19, 2011
A company/corporation which is not actually real, used in a Netflix Show named “Some Assembly Required” and is a toy company creating toys, and in every end of every episode, 1 new toy is introduced, and a commercial for it is shown. People who own it started with Knickknack. Literally, his name is Knickknack. He founded the “company” (that’s not real), and then second came Candace Wheeler, a mean woman who created GARBAGE toys, and pretended to be Knickknacks girlfriend. Then came uhh.. who was it? Oh yeah, Jarvis, the present owner of Knickknack Toys, who is the main character (based on your opinion) of Some Assembly Required
“Knickknack Toys is a fake company, but I wanted to buy one of they’re toys!”
by ElectroX7 November 6, 2022