Derived initially from those living in the market town of Knaresborough. The term is used for the poorer and ill mannered chavs residing in the area.

A 'Knaresborough' typically wears "trendy" clothes, often no socks and struggles to come to terms with the proper English language.

Standard Knaresborough behaviour consists of:

- Driving crap cars with large sound systems, tacky alloy wheels and body kits fashioned from other cars bumpers, the colour shouldn't match

- Giving friends nicknames such as Goose, Sledge, Witch, Roxy, Spotts, AR and Brainsy.

- 'Kevving' (see terms)

- Visiting McDonalds drive thru

- Swearing
Man, that Goose guy is such a 'Knaresborough' he's wearing no socks on and has those trendy trousers with the tight ankles and a low cut t-shirt.

I saw him today driving through at McDonalds playing techno in his Saxo. He is such a 'Knaresborough'.
by massiveharrogateboibooya February 20, 2011
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