You can be klaased by Klaas, a man who's everywhere. If your klaased you talk the "breezah" language and listen to music like R&B and hip-hop. So a person like 50cent is klaased. But you can call anything klaased. For example, Breezer drink is klaased and Runescape is klaased. Klaased just means something is stupid in that kind of way. A person who's klaased you can call a "klaased nerd".
$|-|@Do0wwR€aPaH: Yo0ww k@y! d0 YoU pL@y wow????
Kayer: Hmm, your klaased.
by kayer June 11, 2006
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being repeatedly and publicly humiliated, usually in a sexual matter, often the "two fingers"
man did u see that bitch, he just got klaased
by Kenny February 20, 2005
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