kk is the cute way to say ok when talking online
and smart people, not stupid people use it
guy: brb
girl: kk
guy: back
girl: kk
by donnelly September 04, 2004
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it actually means "ok ok" pero people use it with the meaning "alright"

it is most used in online games.
A: Hey lets team-up and kill that monster over there.
B: k k
by ExRsPlayer October 30, 2010
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the lazy way of typing "k" into a message using a blackberry pearl--because if you type just a 'k' it shows it as a 'j', so instead of backspacing and typing 'k' again you just type two 'k's to make it go faster.
-"I'll b there in 2 min."
by rpksml01 May 24, 2009
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kk is often meant as a quick way of saying "okay"

however, it has an alternate meaning that many don't know about. kk can be short for "Keke", which is the Korean equivalent of "Haha"...
american: hey korean guy! laugh!
korean: kk
by thisisapseudonym_ May 11, 2009
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An extremely redundant little doohickey often used in instant messenger conversation. Why do people say kk? That would be like saying 'okay okay'! Does anyone really say that in real life? (i.e. Hey would you get that video tape 4 me? Okay okay!)
purplemountaingorillawithanattitude: would you please shut up person who I cannot name on this site?
personwhocannotbenamedbutisreallyannoying: kk
by Sparky ML April 14, 2004
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What originated as a typo (speculating) became just another txt word for little girls meaning "ok" or cool". However it has now become so mainstream even my boss has began to use it.
Me: don't forget you have a meaning at 10
Boss: kk
by imansy March 07, 2011
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