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a relatively uncommon female name. this person would have to be incredibly sexy with a rockin body and a kicking personality. very outgoing and social. someone that is sought after or envied by all her peers. one would kill to land a kitzia.
"Dude i just met a total Kitzia at the bar last night".
by the big G man December 12, 2010
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An amazing girl and an even better girlfriend! A Kitzia is beyond words! Close your eyes. Now imagine the hottest, sexiest girl you can think of. Thatโ€™s a Kitzia! I guy has to either be amazing or lucky to get himself a Kitzia. Most Kitzias are players but will settle down for the right guy. They are always honest, brave, smart, sexy, hot, amazing, and everything else you could want in a girl!
Wow Kitzia, you truly are amazing!
by AidanAllred05 July 02, 2018
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