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Kazuo Kiriyama - played by Masanobu Ando (Battle Royale 2001)

Kiriyama is the coolest person ever to grace the japanese film screen, he won the hearts of many violent/psychotic people with his ruthlesness, violence, creativity and overall total disrigard to emotions. orginally it was believed that kiriyama was an exchange student but it was later found out he signed up for fun. He was ganged up by a bunch of kids who thought he was a spy, one kid in peticular, Sasagawa took it into his own hands and put an Uzi9mm to kiriyamas head and demanded he talk, kiriyama spit his gum in sasagawa's face causing him to let his gaurd down while kiriyama grabbed his Uzi and killed all 5 teenagers... later on kiriyama was blinded in a propane explosion and was tracked down by rival Shoguo Kawada where a battle ensued, kiriyama blinded shot aimlessly into the blackness but mangaged to hit kawada in the chest, kawada fired hsi shotgun at the collar on kiriyama's neck causing the bomb inside to explode thus killing out psychotic hero...
Kazuo Kiriyama is a ruthless, emotionless, quiet, psychopath that everyone loves
by KyoKyo May 04, 2005
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Kiriyama Kazuo, the crazy male in Battle Royale. Emotionless and ruthless. His weapon was originally a paper fan, until he killed his friend and took his Ingram Sub-machine gun.
1. Pulling a Kiriyama- Going crazy on someone's ass! Preferably with a machine gun!
by Neko-Neko-Bear April 23, 2005
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