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a telephone company in Hull that runs a monopoly and denies competition by charging the same price for wholesale as that they charge for their customers, also gets into bed with the council and also likes to get into bed with the Dull Snaily Mail
<hulldude1> Karoo Rulez! they boosted my connection from 512/256 to 768/256! nice.

<hulldude2> wtf I been cutoff for downloading a few warez, and NO I wasnt 'sharing' it! also had to write a fucking letter to KC to say I would never do it again, yeah right well i’ll write and visit them with it for now since there’s no other isp. Can’t wait till BT come rolling into town then there will be no more suspensions OR apologies for cutoffs cos KC will no longer be running the show and they’ll be back to small fry like they currently are in the rest of East Yorkshire!

<hulldude3> I been downloading some music and next morning rang the helldesk, they told me that my account is suspended! had to write a fucking letter to KC and apologise like a lil kid and say I would never do it again, well they are NOT getting it! cos if they dont restore my connection im be moving out of hull and they can stick their letter!

<hulldude4> i been cutoff for downloading some movies, eek I got to write a letter and visit them saying that im sorry and not to do it again, no other ISPs whine about this or ask such ludicrous procedures, makes me sick, think i'll give hull daily mail a ring in morning about this.

<hulldailymail> no hulldude4 we can NOT cover any negative stories about KC, you shouldn’t have downloaded those singles then should you! try BUYING them next time.

<hulldude5> ive never had a disconnection for p2p yet! Probably because I use SSH tunnels onto a mates shell server to do my web, irc, msn and p2p stuff. All complaints go into the trash folder (unless its serious i.e. child porno, terrorism etc) karoo don’t see a thing besides remote IP destination and the encryption, which they will never be able to break.

<hulldude6> man why do KC keep thinking that we are all football crazy?! they spent all that money on a fucking susper stadium for a devision 3 team! when it would be better spent on internet infrastructure and help end karoo's internet problems!
by TV sucks November 28, 2004
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