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To proclaim a position or object as yours while touching it for a predetermined period of time (24 hours or less or until you have fallen asleep for example). Allowing you for instance the leisure of leaving your seat, computer, remote, etc for a period of time and to return being able to regain it even if in the possession/use of another person under the mutual agreement between all parties involved to abide by these terms.
You must proclaimed it before all others or when no one else has for X amount of time (24 hours as an example) in this honor bound and/or evidence based system.
This claim can only be made on one position/object at a time and any additional claims made by one person nullifies the most previous and past claims of that one person.
Touching and/or leaving this position/object without restating king's ax constitutes relinquishing all claims on said position/object.

Similar to calling shotgun, dibs, bagsy, or not it.
You are watching television with others and you leave your seat (nice comfy recliner for instance) to go to the restroom. Before leaving while touching your seat you say "king's ax" and go to the bathroom. Upon returning someone has taken your seat and if they do not kindly of their own free will honor the mutually agreed conditions you can restate you have king's ax and thereby regain your seat. Applicable in public or semi-public settings between individuals of similar social order.

Roots may be in the social order and customs of Medieval times. Or my mom made it up, idk.
by Peregrinus October 21, 2007
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