when one masturbates after taking a big long shit on the toilet
Tom: Well after work, I had to go kill off some steam, so I had myself a King Jack in the bathroom
by didjitmachines June 25, 2004
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The name of a lonely person who jerks (or jacks) off a lot.
"Hahaha, look at that Jack King. What a lonely bastard."
by watcher woo September 20, 2013
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Texas Hold 'Em hand, in which the player holds a Jack and a King of differing, or, "off" suits.
"I called his bluff since my jack king off gave me a full house"
by feralnogitsune July 14, 2008
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1. An good hand in poker A jack and a king, not in the same suit. May be used to go all in.

2. When all alone at home, one puts on a suit and jacks off. Usually to porn.
pokerguy1-I'm all in
pokerguy2-I call
pokerguy1-What you got
pokerguy2-Jack King off suited

2.someone- Hey what you doin today?
someoneelse- O not much just Jack King off suited
someone- Your sick get the fuck away from me.
by John Green November 27, 2005
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That guy is such a Jack King, he tries to be white knight and yet gets cucked everyday by his imaginary asian girlfriend.
by Hokassss June 29, 2019
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