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the awesome blue communication device kim possible uses that looks like a game boy color! :D a chubby twelve year old boy lives in it named wayde. he is a child genius! and he helps kim possible and ron stoppable save the world. he occasionally apears in person on a few episodes so if you happen to see him you are in for a great treat!
kayleigh- "oh look!!! kim's on her kimmunicator with wayde!!"
colleen- "oh thank goodness! now she can save the world!"
kayleigh- "what would we do without her?!"
colleen- "gosh darn it i don't know! the world would be in trouble with drakken and shego on the loose!"
kayleigh- "and the weird monkey guy and the short man who plays golf!"
colleen- "oh look!!! wayde is appearing in person on this episode! it's our lucky day!"
by kas-cah <3 February 21, 2010
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