no one can be like kim seokjin because he is the best
by iluvujin February 13, 2018
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check your world one again please, i think you’ve mistaken a word ‘God’
by cocobuttflower November 2, 2019
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multiple grammy nominated artist, billboard perfect all kill artist with a critically claimed silver voice, perfect ratio face and power vocal guy. He's one of a kind, one in the whole wide world, the only World Wide Handsome member of the biggest boy band in the world, BTS.
He's a man from the book, can sing, dance, has greag sense of humor, is polite, humble, clear in his speech and not afraid to speak his mind. He loves to cook and was born with these godly visuals. Originally he trained as an actor and became one of the most promising acting students, he joined Big Hit as a member of BTS and developed his love for singing and creating music for the people he loves, ARMY and his members.

He's known as manner idol in Korea who adores him the most and he is certainly and eye catcher, going viral everytime the camera lands on him. He is an icon and he deserves to be on the top.
em: kim seokjin has my heart
A: kim seokjin was born to write history
B: born to be a superstar, Kim Seokjin.
em: but have you guys listened to Yours, Epiphany, Awake, Moon and Tonight by kim seokjin? THEY'RE AWESOME GO LISTEN AND STREAM ON ALL PLATFORMS!
by baejinsooo November 24, 2021
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the cutest funniest and BEST VOCALIST in the world. WWH. KIM SEOKJIN SUPERMACY.
Who is kim seokjin ?
The best boy.
by kim seokjin supremacist November 21, 2020
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Also known as the Pink Princess, is the oldest hyung of the Korean boy band BTS and goes by the stage name 'Jin'. He is the visual of the group making him very confident in his face (and his broad shoulders). He loves Mario, food, and the colour pink very much.
"Do you know which one is Kim Seokjin?"
"The hot one on the far left?"
by Enfys Visare February 1, 2016
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