stands for killer application. Used to describe a game/application that really makes a system/computer.
by where am i? March 13, 2005
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"An application that proves the usefulness of the underlying technologies"

Defined by Jawed Karem in the speech "YouTube: From Concept to Hyper-growth" held at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign ACM Conference, Oct 21, 2006. (
A typical killer application:
- the first spreadsheet application

Killer apps in the internet domain:
- Wikipedia
- LiveJournal
- MySpace
- Flickr
- YouTube
by Papy Jojo March 19, 2007
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When at the click of a link sent via an app, someone’s digital device is virally infected or disabled, often with the terrorist sender or hacker able to retrieve the data stored on the recipient’s phone, tablet, or watch.
After John unsuspiciously clicked on a link in a WhatsApp fake member’s message, no one in the chat group anticipated that the killer app would facilitate the transmission of the Russian virus at such a lethal speed, which wiped out the data stored on all twelve members’ devices.
by Covido March 5, 2022
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Mobile application with doubtful usefulness that gets downloaded and used by a very large number of people, often without a valid reason.
Hey, once you are done with Candy Crush, check out Quads and Flappy Bird, they are the latest killer apps to hit the App Store!
by n.tex January 25, 2021
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