1. Album by the MC5, one of the best bands ever
2. Song by the MC5
3. It's said a lot by hard rock and punk fans before doing something big
by whatever works April 16, 2005
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To eliminate any hangups or problems (Jams) in your life by cutting loose and getting wild.
After a long week of working for the Man I like to chase Skirts and Party, really Kick Out The Jams, you know?
by bronxeel July 10, 2011
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1. song and album by the MC5, also covered by Rage Against The Machine and the Presidents of the United States Of America.
2. to get rid of the long jam music and play some good old fashioned rock n' roll.
kick out the jams, motherfucker!

let us be who we am... and let me kick out the jams!
by LrD October 14, 2010
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To bust out the music
To pull out some Beats
To Put in some Crazy jams
To Play A Awesome Party song, Such as KICK OUT THE JAMS, by MC5? I dunno, but RAGE did a cover of it.
Usually used in Partys
by 11 Is Louder Then TEn June 26, 2007
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