Khuilo is the president of Russia Vladimir Putin. Originally it appeared in Ukraine in the spring of 2014 when soccer fans performed the song consisting of only one line: "Putin khuilo! La-la-la-la-la-la..." Khuilo literally means "dickhead" or "fucker". Earlier it was widespread in Russian and Ukrainian for naming generally a mean, cynic, greedy etc. person. Now it has got rebirth with a single unique meaning - Putin.
"I am for you protesting. I am ready to be here with you and say 'Russia, get out of Ukraine'... Yes, Putin is a khuilo, yes." (Ukraine's acting foreign minister Andriy Deshchytsia said this before the crowd gathered in front of the Russian embassy in Kyiv to protest against Russian military aggression to Ukraine; June 14, 2014)
by yaptt June 16, 2014
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Derived from the Ukrainian football (soccer) chant "Putin khuilo!" (literal: "Putin (is a) dickhead!"), later adopted by the Orange Revolution, "Putin's khuilo" is Donald Trump, whose appointment of pro-Putin staff, elimination of solidarity-with-Ukraine from the Republican platform (even as that country is being invaded), and association with Russian mob figures leave little to the imagination regarding his behind-the-scenes patronage.

The phrase asserts Trump is Putin's condom, or codpiece, as the Russian tyrant fucks the world through influencing the US to accomplish its objectives for it, and intercept the political fallout.
"With Putin's khuilo in the White House, the US becomes a neo-Soviet satellite under Kremlin control."
by Honeyko August 6, 2016
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