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dat kigga cho lives in the khetto
by ele7en November 29, 2004
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Kettering Town, Northamptonshire.

1. Is the label that smelly waste gash from Kettering town give the place.

2. If a girl has a smelly gash and a greezy bum hole, and moves away from Kettering, she is likely to name the town the Khetto.

This is because whilst she is there she hates it but when she is away she likes to promote the Khetto to give herself more credibility amongst bredrins.
Girl 1: Yo you... with the smelly greezy pussy, where you from blad.

Girl 2: I'm from the Khetto innit.

Girl 1: Isiiiit, you must be a right waste gash then.

Girl 2: Skeen, all gash from the Khetto (Kettering Town) is waste gash blad.
by gmcgreezymacattack March 18, 2009
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3. Kettering Town, Northamptonshire.
Nickname given by town's youth.
Just going out in the Khetto tonight. It's so rough.
by Kimbo-lee March 22, 2008
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1. Kinda ghetto. Not a full-on ghetto person. Just partially...
2. Someone who thinks they are ghetto.
Bob: "Rosalinda thinks she's so ghetto!"
Dave: "Yeah man, whatever. She's hella khetto!"
by Schwank. January 16, 2007
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