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a type of species in which they are always in hunger for women of any sort no matter how disgusting or filthy they are. the Khamly-swags where bottoms that are not long enough to be pants yet not short enough to be shorts. big tees with a ridiculously looking slick back hair style. they are unable to speak proper english so they speak with a hoodlum accent and can never keep still. once they grow older they grow an irritating itch in the private genitalia area in which they scratch with a bulldozing motion.
hey dad those khamly-swags are real idiots
by baey July 03, 2010
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a flaming homosexual type of specie who will hit on any girl no matter how ugly she is. this specie wears the most ridiculous style of clothes and as they grow up tend to have a very bad itch in the genitalia area in which they tend to scratch in a bulldozing motion
hey check out that kids khamly swag, he looks ridiculous.
by the baey July 05, 2010
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