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Khameel is very caring and loving. She lies for people to protect them and doesnt like hurting people's feeling. She likes short boys who are very caring and trustworthy she is not the cheating type but she is the jealous type. She makes lots mistakes and regrets a lot of bad things she says and loves boys who name start with a D and is very smart.
She talks alot, she is very weird, and likes things that explode. She remembers alot of things, she is very freaky but makes you feel comfortable. She loves sex and thinks about it alot. Most people named Khameel are short and likes short boys. She loves her phone, she is very talented, and loves to Sing and dance
Hey khameel do you like me
Khameel: Uhm yes i like you

(Not really, sorry)
by Forgiveme1027 February 14, 2015
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