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A peeved off woman who uses social media purely to demean and belittle men, claiming to be fighting for the feminist cause. They usually find the most trivial of things to cry about, even those where the same point can be made from the male's side or where gender isn't an issue, by misconstruing innocuous matters and completely twisting them out of context. A very common trait among them is that they are oblivious to their own hypocrisy and double standards.

Keyboard feminists are under the illusion that men are immune to sexism because of the "patriarchy", coming up with the most bizarre and speculative of reasonings to argue their point. They're usually found in herds on blogs and Twitter, bootlicking each other and jumping on the back of anyone who sees through and calls out their blatant sexism. They call any male nay-sayer who scrutinises their ethos 'threatened', dismissing everything they say solely on the basis of their gender and resort to hurling petty insults. They like to think women are oppressed in society, ignoring their own plushy lifestyle, nitpicking at statistics and playing the victim card whenever something doesn't go their way.

Keyboard feminists keep believing that they can make a difference to society, as if they are the 21st century incarnation of the suffragettes. They are confined to the internet because they're shielded by their monitor, safe from the backlash and ridicule they would receive if they try to push their agenda out in the real world.
Keyboard feminist: "I am sick of the objectification of women on magazine covers."
Nay-sayer: "You don't have a problem with men posing in just their underwear on the front of them and plastered on billboards."
Keyboard feminist: "Men never have a problem with it either."
Nay-sayer: "Don't you think that people of both genders actually like being seen as sex symbols? They don't object to it if they embrace it, stop sticking your nose into their business."
Keyboard feminist: "But that empowers men, it dehumanises women and shows them as mere sex objects."
Nay-sayer: "So women wearing next to nothing is condemnable, whereas men doing wearing just as much is an aspiration to us?"
Keyboard feminist: "Men can't be objectified, they run the media."
by JizzySpunkbubbles October 27, 2013
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