A plastic pigeon many early directioners know. Featured in a few of the X factor video diaries by Louis Tomlinson, Kevin came to stardome.
Directioner: *sees a pigeon* Look! It's Kevin!
Random person: What?
Louis Tomlinson: *makes dog noises while wiggling Kevin the pigeon*
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by Dan and Phill Trash May 09, 2016
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One Direction's 6th member. He's Louis' pigeon and he freaking loves him. You may have seen Louis hanging out with Kevin in One Direction's video diary titled:One Direction - Video Diary 4.... Can't find out where Louis is? He's probably with Kevin. Or with Harry. Either one.
*Sees a pigeon*
Normal people: *Scare it away*
Directioners: OMG IT'S KEVIN THE PIGEON. KEVIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Directioner:) April 04, 2012
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