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a good school. a great school actually. unionville thinks that we're dumbfucks cause our test scores are low.. but maybe thats because of the 33% of mexicans at the school that bring the scores down. we have a turf field, and two more being built. we have one of the nicest public schools of PA, so you know what unionville, suck it. yeah we're mushroom capital of the world, and what are you unionville? yeah exactly. just a bunch of rich kids who aren't rich enough to go to private school so they try and act rich. they also like to take acid in school and run around naked and punch the principals (yes this actually happened). we also have one of the largest AT programs for public schools, which makes up for the dumbfuck illiterates at our school. and kennett is actually better than unionville in most sports, just not football. so you know what unionville? fuck off. u-what?! u-suck!
girl from other school #1: wow kennett high schools so nice!

girl from other school #2: i know! look at these nice ass fields! and the schools huge! they have computers in every class and smartboards in every one! and they have plasma screens in the cafeteria!

girl from other school #1: yeah, this is way better than unionville, who has trailers in front of the school!
by blahblahblahahahh April 23, 2009
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A school that is full of vsco girls whoring around and tiktok boys who think they're hot shit. You might meet a normal person if you dig deep enough but then you'll realize that they're addicted to nicotine and probably crack. There's a convenient basketball hoop place near the school for all your fighting needs. Don't like pep rallies? Don't worry we never go because of all the bomb threats. Like peeing? to bad cause 3/5 of the bathrooms are locked and the ones that aren't are so disgusting and cloudy you can't breathe. Also, we have a hate boner for Unionville. You know how cheerleaders are supposed to be popular well not in this school, they are literally the laughing stock of the school.
Vsco girl: and I oop, skkskskss, my hydro flask

Tiktok boys: *viciously grinding into their screens*

Kennett high
by Weeeeeabooooo gru September 30, 2019
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