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The most beautiful girl in the whole world, some say she is an anchent jewel of the lost seas. She's the prettiest, the funniest and also the most intelligent girl.
Have you see Kelin today ?
by RAVAGER55 July 09, 2016
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Gets anything she wants and gets it her way.brat,stubborn,rude. She could be nice sometimes but gets physical.She Most likely has a boyfriend and Probably had one when she was younger.
Hey That's my girlfriend Kelin.
by Ahnihas November 28, 2018
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Actually a male name, despite sounding girlish.
Kelin: let's see what I will get for my name on UD...
Top definition: a girl that is blah blah...
Kelin: wtf im not a girl *creates new definition*
by a salty asian January 26, 2019
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A bald headed dyke who dresses and looks like a boy , also her feet stink
Hey isn’t that kelin ?
Yup her feet sure do stink
by I got da dwip July 09, 2019
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A slender boy with a big heart. He's a jokester who loves to mess around. His attention span is very short but he's easily entertained. Not easy to tame cuz he's stubborn like a bull. Once he's set his mind up it's basically written in stone. Very talkative, sensitive, and silly. He gets in trouble a lot cuz he doesn't know boundaries. He comes with no filter but he's honest and wears his emotions on his sleeve. He's a mama's boy so never say nothing bad about his mama.
by Yinna91 August 04, 2019
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