to strive beyond one's means to keep up socially and financially with others in one's social circle or neighborhood (from the name of a comic strip by Arthur R. Momand)
If I he can't afford a decent meal, he should not keep up with the Joneses.
by The Return of Light Joker November 17, 2009
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Basically, it's an expression used to symbolize jealousy across the neighborhood and the need to keep up with each other. It's usually just technology, but the subject can be changed to lawnmowers, cars, etc.
Sometime in 2001...
Joseph: Dad! May I have the PS2?
Dad: No, you still have your Nintendo 64, right?
Joseph: It can play DVD's.
Dad: Okay, be prepared, I'll drive you to the Best Buy.
Dad, this time on his mind: I'll have to keep up with the Joneses!
by ilikeguns:) November 11, 2020
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